Saturday, November 14, 2015

The most simple formula I know of for success with anything

Before you can succeed at anything - a job search, exercising, weight loss, starting (or improving) a business or anything else - there are two things that you must do:  DECIDE and COMMIT.

If you can't decide to do something, then nothing is going to happen.  If you can't commit to your decision, then what you decided to do didn't matter either.

So here's the simple formula:  DECIDE.  COMMIT.  SUCCEED.

Try this idea:  Once you've decided, then commit for the next 90 days.

1)  Remove all negativity/complaining.

2)  Focus on building YOU, via personal development DAILY.

3)  Elevate your belief.

4)  Be in consistent action without regard for results.

AFTER 90 days of consistent action, THEN take a look around and see what you've accomplished.

Here's another tip for those 90 days:  Use a wall calendar.  Every day that you do something (anything) toward your goal, draw a link of chain on that date with a magic marker.  The next day, do the same thing and connect those two links.  On the third day, do the same thing. 

Now you're creating a visible chain across your calendar, from day to day.  The KEY is to never break the chain!

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