Sunday, December 6, 2015

Why are you eating too much of the wrong things?

For one thing, you might not know any better because it was the way you were raised.  That's perfectly normal.

Hey, I'm not 'God's Gift to Health & Fitness' and I'm not here to judge anybody.  Nobody's perfect.  I understand that.

What I'm doing here is sharing information that I've learned and am using in my own life - not only to lose weight and be more fit, but to ward off disease and improve my life in other areas as well.  It's working for me and it can work for you too.  I know this because of how simple it is and the fact that most peoples' problems are the result of mental (rather than physical) conditioning.

Some other reasons that you can eat too much of the wrong things are:

1)  Eating in a hurry (i.e. 'fast food')

2)  Eating out of boredom

3)  Eating to satisfy un-met desires

Another thing is depression, because it's a big driver of bad diets.  TV and the Internet is all about how bad things are, and hopeless it all is.  And you know what?  People just give up and stop caring about themselves and their bodies.  Don't buy into that, because it's all an illusion. 

Remember, you can't change the world.  You can only change YOUR world... and it starts with your mind.  True happiness and satisfaction can only come from within.  It doesn’t come from a bag or a box, a store, a car, a restaurant, a politician, the Internet or TV.  You need something more meaningful in your life. You need a better you.

In your mind, create the goal to change your body forever and for the better.  When you do this - and act on it - your 'need' for what your body doesn't need will slowly and gradually fade.

There's a MUCH better you inside - waiting to get out.  You just haven't seen it yet, that's all.


"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible."  ~Tony Robbins

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