Sunday, February 14, 2016

Being honest with yourself

'Honesty has a power that very few people can handle.'  ~Steven Aitchison

That quote from Aitchison is very true.  However, when being honest with yourself, think positive.  There's no reason to do anything else - and that includes times when you have to be painfully obvious with other people.

Life is full of accidental lessons. Sue Lundgren, a young, athletic lady from Boulder, Colorado, suffered a very serious bicycle accident. With broken ribs, collarbone, and wrist, coupled with a fractured pelvis, Sue was hurting all over. The painful recovery process included many months of confinement in bed. 

When the doctor had completed her work and was taking her leave, Sue asked, “Doctor, how long will I have to lie here helpless?”

“Oh, only one day at a time,”
was the honest and positive answer.

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So be honest with yourself, but in a productive way.  If you drink too much, eat too much, aren't getting anywhere in life, need to see a doctor, are in a failed relationship or a dead-end job... just be honest with yourself.

That's step #1.  Next, you have to DO something about it in a constructive way.  There's a solution for every problem - I'm talking the ones that you don't want to confront or even admit that you have.  In addition, some bad habits or situations took a long to time to develop.  If you're realistic, you will realize that fixing them might take some time as well.

You can change things, but only after you're honest with yourself (and/or someone you care about).

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