Monday, July 18, 2016

Some healthy snacks for weight loss

When you start on your weight loss journey, one of the greatest challenges you may face is learning how to create and find Healthy Snacks that will help you with your Weight Loss. While you can alter your existing nutrition by removing unhealthy food you still need to some of those voids with other foods. Creating and purchasing healthy snacks doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it have to require a lot of time and preparation.

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

If you’re looking for a fast and portable solutions to healthy snacking you definitely want to check out these health snacks. Here are examples of 10 great snacks, but check out the complete list of Healthy Snacks.

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

1. Mini tostada
Spread ¼ cup of nonfat refried beans on a small tortilla. Top with shredded lettuce, diced tomato, and a sprinkle of your favorite cheese.
2. Frozen grapes
Freeze 1 cup of grapes and enjoy them as if they’re sorbet.
3. Greek yogurt with honey
Mix one teaspoon of honey into half a cup of plain, nonfat Greek yogurt.
4. Cinnamon apple
Sprinkle an apple with cinnamon for a treat that tastes more decadent than it is.
5. Strawberries and chocolate
Dip 4 or 5 (depending on their size) strawberries into 2 squares of melted dark chocolate.
6. Almost apple pie
Try 1 cup of unsweetened applesauce with a hint of cinnamon.
7. Jicama Chop
one and a half cups of jicama and add a splash of lemon juice and a pinch of salt for a tangy, refreshing treat.
8. Café Au Lait
Enjoy 8 ounces of skim milk with a shot of espresso.
9. Carrots with hummus
Crunch on 9 or 10 baby carrots with a side of 2 tablespoons of hummus.
10. Nuts
A handful of 25 pistachios, 14 almonds, or 16 peanuts makes for a nice “good” fat and protein snack.
Another superior snack that can help keep you on track and aid in weight loss and muscle gain is Shakeology. The great thing about Shakeology it is designed with the perfect balance of all your nutritional needs. You don’t have to worry about designing that perfect balance, and you get all vitamins and minerals as well. Plus it can fulfill that sweet tooth craving and in general will help curb your other cravings, and give you more energy. There are hundred different healthy shake recipes, so you will never get bored.

It is not about keeping yourself deprived, it is about choosing foods that will properly fuel your body, provide nutrients, taste good, and satisfy you. Also keep in mind that eating every 3-4 hours is also important in helping you stay on track and choosing wisely. Most tend to not choose healthy foods when they over hungry. Keep in mind that you never want to deny yourself a meal and it is also important to eat something small following an intense workout. Again Shakeology is always a good suggestion for post workout. It provides the right amount of proteins and nutrients for great post workout recovery.

Keep it simple. Just be prepared and never leave home without the snacks and packets of Shakeology. Making sure that you snack have your snacks and that you are eating every 3-4 hours will keep your mind and body happy and healthy. Healthy snacking is part of any good nutrition plan because it keeps you in tune with your body’s needs and demands. Don’t feel guilty about your snacks, just choose for your health.

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