Saturday, August 13, 2016

How to change your life (some simple advice)

No matter your age, it's never too late to make big changes. 

Sometimes you don't have a choice (such as getting bad news from your doctor) and other times, you just decide to go for your dreams.  So what do you do?

Here's my philosophy on how to get stuff done:  

Whatever your goals are, all that matters each day is that you get up and take action in a positive direction towards reaching them.  That’s how you beat procrastination and achieve your dreams.

Of course, you will have obstacles in your way.  Family, work, your boss, too many ideas, too much on your to-do list - and then there’s all those emergencies that other people put on your plate.  With all that going on, you’re probably wondering why you’re not getting ahead even faster, right?  The reason why you're not having the success you need and deserve is because you haven't created your rules or your vision.  You aren't fully committed to doing the right things, right now, for your right life.

But how the can you do all that with all of the other stuff you have to do, right?

There's a simple answer.  It’s not easy, but it’s simple.  All you have to do is follow a proven path that I will lay out for you here.  If you are truly passionate about your BIG goals and dreams, about creating the best life for you and your family, and for giving them everything they deserve and desire, then you have the most important factor for success.  That factor is your burning desire.  I know you have it in you, but right now, there’s still something stopping you.  That thing is the ability to make progress your top priority.  Fixing that problem starts up here (in your head, where you're reading this article!).

You need to truly believe in yourself. 

You need to believe that you can change.  You need to believe that you can control your day, because you can.

I've been through this myself.  Each morning, just like you, I’d get up and start racing to get to work.  Then I’d be gone all day.  I’d get home exhausted.  You know the feeling.  So with being on the treadmill of life, how the heck can you make big changes?  You need to take this challenge: your challenge is to break that thought pattern.  You need to stop thinking you can’t make progress, and you need to believe that you can CONTROL your morning, you can CONQUER the chaos of the afternoon, and that you can CONCENTRATE on what counts at night.  That’s the secret formula in a nutshell.

When I changed my mindset, I began getting up fifteen minutes earlier each day to work on my number one priority in life (building my online fitness business).  I stopped sleeping late on weekends and used the uninterrupted Saturday morning hours to make progress towards my goals.  I started searching out and spending time with positive people that supported me, educated me, and held me accountable.  When you make the changes you need to make, just like I did, you’ll start to experience BIG breakthroughs in your life, your relationships, your business... and your health.

It all starts with reprogramming your beliefs about time and success.

Don’t let other people’s beliefs influence yours.  If your friends don’t think they can change, ignore them, because you can.  If your family is skeptical, forget about their opinions, because you can succeed.

All of us have negative beliefs running through our heads, but it’s not your fault.  The negative beliefs were put in there from your parents, your teachers, your friends, and even the television shows that you watch.  These negative beliefs control your thoughts and your actions.  They hold you back in life.  Those negative beliefs tell you that money is scarce, opportunity is gone, and that bad things are going to happen to you.

One thing you can do about that is to start changing who you listen to, who you spend your time with, avoiding complainers at work, and switching off the news on television or the radio.  Replace that junk with positive messages from personal development audios, videos, and books that show you how to succeed.  You become who you associate with.  If you want to be better, you must surround yourself with abundance-thinking, positive people and feed your mind with optimistic thoughts.  Those are the people that will help you play up a level in life.  When you fix your thoughts and associate with good people, you’ll overcome the negative beliefs and unblock yourself from success - and the road to wealth, health, success, and opportunity will open up.

With this new mindset, you’ll finally get more done.  You’ll make progress on your priorities. You CAN do this.  It all starts with switching your success mindset, and it begins with bettering your beliefs.

It's all between your ears...

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