Saturday, October 22, 2016

Exercises for women that work

To lose weight, what you have to do is pretty simple:  Eat less and exercise more.  By itself, exercise doesn't do as much as diet in that regard, but regular exercise is vital for overall health and toning. 

You have to do it.

So the question of the day is, what are the best workout routines for women?  Men and women seek different routes when looking to get healthy.  Most men will tend to lift weights in order to build muscle, while most women simply focus on cardio to get thin.

Unfortunately, neither is really the best plan.  If you work out with the right program that combines lifting weights and cardio, you will create a healthy body that is toned and at the proper weight.  Also remember that success is not always the number on the scale, but really about how your clothes fit.  As you lose weight and gain muscle, your weight will fluctuate a bit - but it is what your body composition is doing that makes all the difference.

Workout Routines for Women: Change Focus from Thin to Toned

When you’re designing a workout plan, you should make sure that you incorporate weight lifting and other toning exercises.  In fact, the most effective plan is to have cardio, resistance training and a balanced nutrition plan.

Here’s good news:  there are plenty of workouts that can be accomplished without the need to buy special workout equipment.  If you have comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in and good athletic shoes, you’re already good to go!  Using your body weight can be a good way to begin a training routine that will shape and tone your body.

So how do you get started?  With a proper warm-up of course.  A good warm-up with calisthenics and dynamics moves is always the way to go.  This means lightly jogging in place for a few minutes,  doing some jumping jacks or just turning on your favorite music and dancing.

Now it is time to move on to an exercise routine that focuses on toning and cardio - or toning one day and cardio the next.  The more you mix it up, the more likely you are to have results.  A couple of options for fast results include the 21 Day Fix, which is designed to get you toned and back into shape fast.  There is also Beachbody On-Demand which gives you access to a vast library of programs that allows you to find a workout that best suits your goals.  Beachbody On-Demand allows you to change things up whenever you get bored.  This will help keep you moving and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Even walking is good.  At any rate (and this is very important), your heart-rate needs to stay elevated for a sufficient period of time. 

Finally, finish it off with a 'Cool Down'.  Once you’ve completed your work out, you don’t want to just stop.  Instead, take a few minutes to stretch (or walk around a bit) - relieving the tension in muscles that you’ve just worked hard.  Utilizing these program suggestions will help shift your focus from simply weight loss to toning.  This shift will help you reach your goals and gain greater results.

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