Saturday, January 7, 2017

MMA style workout from Team Beachbody

If love Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), this is the system for toning and shaping your body.  The goal of the program is to provide the ultimate mixed martial arts-inspired workout to help you get knockout results in 30 days. 

What is CORE DE FORCE?  It's 30 days of mixed martial arts-inspired workouts designed to slash inches off your waist, blast belly fat, and sculpt total-body definition - no equipment needed!  Eight workouts on 3 DVDs that alternate Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai combinations, cardio spikes, and bodyweight training to help you get a knockout body.

The system also includes two bonus workouts: 5 Min. Core on the Floor and Core Kinetics.

Who is this for?  It's for men or women who want to lose belly fat, tighten up their midsections, and carve total-body fitness.  It's especially designed for those who want to see results quickly. 

What makes CORE DE FORCE unique?  It's the concept of mixing moves from Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai with bodyweight training and cardio conditioning.  CORE DE FORCE gives you the most effective MMA-inspired workouts to help you shred belly fat and transform your body in just 30 days.  Each move - whether it's a jab, a kick, or an uppercut, works your core from every angle - what Joel and Jericho call 360-Degree Core Training.

The workouts are broken into 3-minute "rounds." Just hit it hard for 3 minutes at a time and before you know it - you're done! • The CORE DE FORCE Eating Plan also shows you how to eat for knockout results with Signature Recipes, food lists to take to the grocery store, sample menus, and a revolutionary approve to dietary and muscle-building supplements.

This folks, is the total package...


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