Thursday, June 29, 2017

Eating Healthy While Traveling

Eating healthy while traveling can be a difficult thing to do.  Your food options might be limited and you may be rushed for time.  Ruining your diet doesn’t have to be a part of your travel plans, though.

It's easy to load up on the food that is easily accessible, and most of your meals will come from restaurants.  All of which can lead to potential weight gain, sluggishness, and the resulting detriment to your body and mind.  So ultimately, it will take a bit of pre-travel preparation on your part to make things a bit easier - which is absolutely worth it.

It truly starts with planning!  If you're prepared, you won’t be at the mercy of airplane/airport/hotel meals or roadside food services.  Packing a variety of snacks can be as easy as packing all of your other belongings.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Handmade individual trail mixes. You can custom make trail mix blends based on what nutrients your body needs
  2. Pre-packaged trail mixes (choose clean, whole-organic ingredients).
  3. Nuts and Dried fruits
  4. Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes (don't forget to pack a small, cheap blender!)
  5. Raw food bars or good nutritious bars with clean ingredients
  6. Bananas, oranges, nectarines and other fruits that have a durable outer layer

  1. It's always good to eat a healthy, filling meal like a salad with lots of vegetables (and some protein) prior to your travel, so it can carry you for a bit longer time frame.  In other words, tank up on what you normally eat before heading to the airport.
  2. When eating at restaurants, be sure to look for health-conscious salads, grilled meats and/or vegetarian options at meal times.  It's just common sense, but avoid truck-stop food.
  3. Be sure to drink plenty of clean water while traveling. Your body needs the additional fluids to stay hydrated and properly digest meals that might not be part of your regular diet.
  4. Get in some exercise when and where possible, preferably your normal routine.

Eating Healthy While Traveling

Even with all of these preparations, eating healthy while traveling can be a challenge. Frankly, you may find that eating less while traveling is helpful.  In fact, you can use traveling time as opportunity to fast a bit, and/or eat a vegetarian diet.  It's a good way to give your digestive system a break for a few days - sort of an all-around detox.  Though it can be challenging to find healthy foods outside of the home, don't be discouraged.  There are some easy things that you can do to stay in control and get you through your travels in style.

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