Saturday, June 24, 2017

Making time for exercise

Exercise needs to be a daily habit.  That last word - habit -  is the most important one.  Regular exercise (walking, for example) needs to be part of your daily routine.

Other than not wanting to do it, the reason that most people don't exercise is because they feel/believe that they don't have the time.  Trying to convince them otherwise can be challenging.  Sometimes it's not even possible... but I try.

When encouraging friends and family to get past that mental roadblock, I ask them how many hours they spend at work in a week.  For the purpose of this math project, I will assign 70 hours to work.  That is a person who works fourteen hours a day, Monday to Friday!  Then I assign that person eight hours of sleep a night. I don’t ask them, I tell them - because at this point everyone says they can’t get that much sleep (which is entirely another issue I could address).  That is a total of 56 hours of sleep in a week. The person now stands at 126 total hours used out of a possible 168.

Then I ask what the heck they do with the rest of their time.  I remind them they have 42 hours left.  They start shouting out things like, “I have to commute to work,” “I have to go grocery shopping,” “I need to spend time with my family.”  I assign them values for these.  I give them two hours a day for commuting time, which adds up to 10 hours for the five days of work.  I give them three hours per week to grocery shop, and I give them twenty hours in quality time (without the phone or any outside distractions) to spend with their family per week.  That brings their total to 159 hours.  They still have nine hours left in the week for exercise (of any kind).

Usually the person gets the message by this point.  If they still refuse after hearing those numbers, then... well... I did my best.

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