Monday, June 26, 2017

Your social circle vs your weight

One thing that can help in your health and fitness goals is to expand your circle of friends.

Losing weight is a battle between you and the outside world.  Everyone, from family, to friends, to co-workers, to restaurant owners and to TV advertisers is 'scheming' against you to make you eat more and exercise less.  Like it or not, it’s true.  They might not be doing it on purpose, or with bad intentions, but they are happier when you are fed, full, and flat out on the couch.

You must try to remember your options at all times.  It's just a matter of priorities, that's all. You need to have Plans A, B, C, D, and E. You must be prepared to counter-attack when your goals are under assault. When they say pizza, you say salad.  When they say take-out, you say, “I’ve already prepared my lunch.”  When they say, “Happy Hour,” you say, “Exercise first.”

Here's what can help you a lot; surrounding yourself with people who are fitter and healthier than you.  I'm not saying that you need 'better' friends.  I'm just saying that it helps to make friends with people who are fit and healthy.  The reason is that you are typically the mirror of the 5-10 people that you spend the most time around - pretty much in every way.  Think about that when you think of the lifestyle that you truly want for yourself.

Stay strong my friend. 

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