Saturday, November 25, 2017

Health and Wellness home business advice (Part 1)

When it comes to home business in this category, it doesn't matter if you're just getting started, you're thinking about getting started or you tried and failed.  Health, Wellness, Diet and Longevity are collectively (right now) the hottest trends in America - and probably the rest of western civilization as well.  That isn't going to change anytime soon because of the aging baby-boomers.  The good news is that aging baby-boomers don't want to die before their time and they have money top spend.

If you tried and failed at home business - or if your business is struggling (i.e. it's more of a hobby than a business) - then I can pretty much guess why.  Assuming that your company has great products and it's a great company, then there are several likely reasons that it hasn't worked out:

1)  You don't know what to do, or you didn't know what to do.

2)  The products that you want to sell don't stand out in any unique way.

3)  You're not advertising - or not anywhere near enough.

4)  You don't have a real team to lean on that holds you accountable.

5)  You don't have a SYSTEM (see:  #1).

When you think of the giants in the Health and Wellness category, names like Herbalife and Amway come to mind.  Those are excellent companies with great products and they've been around a very long time.  One that I've been associated with (and still am) is Beachbody - also known as Team Beachbody.  They're also an excellent company with great products and they've been around a long time.

With Team Beachbody, I earn a little money every month - mostly from recurring orders of Shakeology (a product that my family and I love, by the way).  It's not bad from the money standpoint.  The only problem is that it's not yet a business that I can live on.  As of this writing, I still work in the medical field. 

I'd been more or less content with that until I met Leslie - my new partner and mentor.  Through her, I met Gino and Brandy.  This new circle of friends has changed my life.  Better friends make for a better life.

What's that got to do with Health and Wellness home business advice?  As it turns out... everything.  In short, if you want to succeed, I'm going to encourage you to do what I'm doing now - and the way I'm doing it.

You can probably use our system with many home business models.  It would take an enormous amount of work and time to set it up, but - theoretically - you could, if you really wanted to.  For me, what I'm doing now (with this new thing) won't work with Team Beachbody.  As for you, you can try to understand our method and apply it to something else - I mean, if you insist. 

Another idea is to take a short cut.
  Look at what we're doing, join our crew and get started today.  That's just friendly advice and nothing more.

It all starts with the phone number:


Yeah, I know that no one wants to listen to another recorded call or watch another video.  I know and I understand.  So do it or don't do it because I can't twist your arm over the Internet and I wouldn't want to anyway.  From the standpoint of sales, I don't believe in 'closing' people or being a 'closer'.  They either get it (and want it) or they don't and they won't.

Speaking of that, the only way you're going to get anywhere with a home business (or most things in life) is by doing what other people will not, cannot, or won't do.  It also helps to know how to do what others cannot do.

In other words, what other people talk about doing, we are doing.

Anyway, what we have here and now is an incredible opportunity.  Gino and Brandy only got in in 2016.  As of right now, there's probably something like 6,000 people (TOTAL) in the entire sales matrix.  Folks, that's practically nothing.

Also, we have a unique product - which happens to be the proven best of it's kind.  I can also pretty much guarantee that you've never heard of it.  Because all of this is NEW, it's the perfect window of opportunity.  In fact, it's really tough to find a unique opportunity to jump on.  Although this product is sold/distributed by direct marketing, we have the financial strength of a debt-free, multi-million dollar retail company behind us.  They have lots of products that you would recognize in the drug and grocery stores.

Our inbound 'audiomercial' (the core of the SYSTEM) is constantly being tweeked and refined.

OK, so... is this hard?  That's what everybody asks.

This business is simple. It's not easy, but it is simple... if you let it be.  All it is is talking to people.  You just have to make talking to people a lifestyle and a pattern of behavior.  You also need a WAY to engage plenty of people in conversation on a monthly basis.  You do that and you'll win.  That's all there is to it.

If you talk to 15 (and you know what to say) you'll get one or two to join the business.  That's really all it is - just a numbers game, backed by self-confidence and expanding your comfort zone a little bit.  Look, I work in an emergency room.  I know what hard work is, and this isn't it.

I'll say it again: this business (and I mean ALL it is) is talking to people.  To really be developing your Health and Wellness home business, you should be communicating with about 2-3 people a day.  If you do that consistently, the numbers will fall into place and you'll be a success.

~Rusty L Shelton (Houston, TX) - 832-524-4251

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